A great art nude workshop with Daruszka

A great art nude workshop with Daruszka

Finding my passion into sharing and teaching art nude.

It has been now a lot of art nude photography workshops I gave during the last years. It became a part of my year agenda, twice or three times a year, and it happens to bring me that much pleasure each time.

Preparations, finding the right model, not only about her beauty and body lines, but as well fitting my styles, ideas and themes I am working in and teaching. Organization of the travels, airplanes, schedules, workshop agenda and works… All this is leading to a tremendous period.




Viktoriya, Ukrainian model.

Workshop 2014, photo Fabien Queloz



I am generous, and I do love to prepare some dense and creative programs for the participants. Together with my wife Anya, we share concerning the themes, the best different light changes, accessories, etc. And then comes the arrival of the model. I give a particular attention concerning welcoming and comfort for the models, who will stay with us for several days.

Here is one of the studio set created for the workshop.

Fantastic photograph by Anna ElleStudio (her FB page here), with Daruszka as model.

art nude model shot by Anna ElleStudioPhoto by Anna ElleStudio (her FB page here)

Last weekend was welcoming Daruszka from Poland. We entered the first workshop day with a powerful creativity. The days then just fly away. Such a rhythm of shares, so much to say about my passion, to teach about how directing a model, communication, picture composition, moods, expressions, poses, light, etc etc etc.

art nude workshop at ellestudio, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Teaching art nude workshop at ellestudio, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

teaching art nude workshop at ellestudio neuchâtel switzerland

Photos: Anna ElleStudio

And suddenly, the workshop days are over. So much remembers, that much calm suddenly. It has each time being the same story: the best moments in our lives do pass very quickly!

We are all the time very happy to see which fantastic works the participants can produce after these workshop days. Stunning art nudes, great creativity and much fun for all of us.

For the model, as well as for us, organizers, it is a demanding process. But it has always being a really interesting work and I thank here Life to allow me to teach my approach of the women’s beauty trough my photography workshops.

Don’t miss your turn 😉 The next dates to be announced soon! (April and June for the global indication)



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